Why is teacher prep important?

Preparing to teach can help you make the most of every moment of a lesson. If you don't prepare for a lesson, you may not know how long certain activities can last. This can lead to additional downtime that could be used more efficiently to help students learn. It is important to examine the veracity of the conclusion that well-trained teachers and high-quality teaching are important.

It is also important to document and understand what specific characteristics of teachers and the school environments in which they work contribute to student success. This information can be used to help determine how to best educate and support successful teachers. If high-quality teaching is essential to successful student learning, and if academic success and student achievement can be linked to specific characteristics of teaching, such information could be used to argue against a recent trend in many districts towards declining education. requirements for teacher training.

and certification in response to teacher shortages, shrinking class sizes and increasing K-12 student population. Although elementary undergraduate teacher preparation programs have progressed, three out of five programs still do not cover the science of early reading instruction in their courses designed to teach teachers how to teach reading. This lack of knowledge about the real value of courses is particularly interesting in light of the fact that teacher education students devote most of their academic time to courses in the arts and sciences departments.

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