Which mcat prep course is the best reddit?

Berkeley Review is the best if you can get in. The small class sizes were personalized and great because you get to know your classmates. However, it is very demanding, so make sure you have enough time. I did the Kaplan preparation course.

Good resources and good mentors to turn to when you need help understanding a study concept, drawing up a timeline, or figuring out how to approach the whole process. In terms of actual teaching content, the sessions didn't involve as much of that. You have a flipped classroom approach where you complete a section before the meeting and then you review what is right and what is wrong and why. Princeton is not a good waste of money, personal experience in that.

I can't talk about Kaplan, but the only good thing Princeton did for me was to give me all the aamc stuff that, of course, I could have bought much cheaper. Even if you're considering one because you don't think you have a good foundation, there are still much freer or cheaper options than these prep programs that honestly are better. Princeton tries to teach you many methods that are bad and meaningful to slow your growth. I did a Princeton course and had to postpone my exam and spend more than 2 months doing everything correctly due to the time sinking Princeton was.

Since I didn't sleep, I drank a ton of caffeine over the course of the test. Approximately 20-50 mg before and during each break. I crashed like a zombie after all, but I was never sleepy or sleepless during the test. To keep your alertness levels naturally high, a friend suggested that I do push-ups during the break to keep blood flowing.

Your breaks are shorter than you remember, but you must eat something during each break or else you will crash. When you take FLE, find out which food supports it best. Eat protein bars and real food. Eat as you would if you run a marathon, small but consistent, so you don't get into a food coma either.

Poop and urinate before entering the exam. Everything should be completely emptied down there. I figured that, since this page has current medical students, many of you probably used some of these courses to prepare for the MCAT, so I wanted to get an idea about what helped you the most and what made you more or less successful studying for the biggest test of your life, minus the tables. Hello everyone, I know that the general consensus of this subtitle is that preparation courses are a waste of money, and that self-study is better.

I know that some tutors in the prep courses don't actually have personal experience taking the MCAT, but rather have experience in that subject, so you might want to keep that in mind. There are so many free resources available online, from Khan Academy, and created by users of this sub, that it really doesn't make sense to pay for a prep course. So you have to be prepared to sacrifice absolutely all your time for a few months to take advantage of all the resources given to you during your preparation course. Okay, I bought the MCAT prep course and I don't think it's terrible, but I also think it's totally unnecessary.

My friend is studying for the mcat to take in January and she is kicking herself for not enrolling in a prep course. These preparation courses are too expensive, I think it is better to invest your time and money in buying certain materials and adapting a unique plan to your learning style according to the wisdom collected from the best scores of this subtitle. The prep course was good to give me a decent starting point, but my friend didn't spend any money at all and only used some manual exam crackers besides khan academy. My problem is that I tried to do the preparation course when I was still in school and working, so it was a total disaster and I ended up not really attending class sessions.

But I also think you can get a high score without taking an official prep course by using the information in this subtitle to plan a study schedule. I agree that prep courses are expensive and ultimately it is the scheduled practice (multiple practice passes of FLs %26) that will lead to a solid score increase, but I think Altius is definitely worth researching. I went from a 492 (I did a preparation course, big mistake) to a 515 with a little hard work, self-studying with the help of a tutor when I had additional concerns. I have always thought that taking an exam preparation course as rigorous as the MCAT was crucial to achieving success on the exam.

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