What is a course prep?

A preparation is a different individual course that you are teaching. If you are teaching 2 different sections of the same course in the same semester, that counts as only 1 preparation, but it counts twice towards your teaching load. In other schools, college preparation classes can mean a more difficult workload and classes that require more from you as a student. A college preparation class is different from an AP class, which stands for Advanced Placement.

AP classes are courses you can take to earn college credit; as a result, they are taught at the university level and can be quite difficult. What is a college preparatory program? A college preparatory program is a program that prepares students for their future college courses, while they continue to attend high school. The combination of traditional high school courses, combined with higher academic standards, is designed to establish a solid foundation for teens to prepare for their future college careers. In some cases, these schools start in elementary or secondary school, reaching the final levels.

Students begin preparation classes and learn to master the standardized tests required with test preparation. They often include sports for students seeking scholarships and spend the school year ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education, as well as specific training on how to enter and succeed in college.

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