Is 2 month enough for gre?

It may take between three and six months to prepare for the exam and get the desired scores. However, if you don't have much preparation time left, a 2-month GRE study plan may also work for you, but it needs to be consistent. Therefore, you have made the fundamental decision to tackle the GRE with just 60 days until you take the exam. While two months isn't a lot of time, it's more than enough for you to learn, practice comfortably, and review all the GRE material.

If you test too far, there will be a greater chance of exhaustion and stress. Let's see what a 2-month curriculum should look like. This answer depends on your goal scores and how far you are from those scores. In any case, you should not spend less than 2 weeks studying for the GRE and you are likely to achieve diminishing returns after 6 months of study.

Ideally, you should spend 1 month to 5 months studying. Is it really possible to get a high GRE score in just two months? Well, experts say “yes” to this assumption.

Jerri Ament
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