How much does kaplan sat cost?

Current course options and prices as of publication date. Get SAT classes designed to help you master the test anytime, anywhere. The SAT Prep Course Provider offers multiple curricula that were created to fit the preferences and needs of today's high school students. In addition, Kaplan's extensive SAT preparation offerings are more affordable than many other test preparation companies.

Finally, Kaplan offers its unlimited prep package for students who need extended access to content and PSAT preparation. If there's one thing that separates Kaplan SAT from other test prep providers, I think it's its broad SAT course structure. After finishing the course, the student I observed wrote some comments about his experience with full SAT preparation. Between the two courses, Kaplan offers the slightly simpler menu of prep packs, offering students three course formats to choose from, compared to four in Princeton Review.

Accompanying the Live Online and Unlimited Prep classes, you will receive a set of printed preparation books from Kaplan. Its most basic course, the On Demand course package, is aimed at students who only need the basics to prepare for the SAT. To give its students maximum flexibility, Kaplan offers a number of course options, including On Demand, Live Online and Unlimited Prep. In addition, Kaplan's online course includes SAT prep books, updated online quizzes, and a quiz bank.

This course does not add many additional study resources to the live online class, but it adds large-scale PSAT preparation materials and longer access to SAT content. Keep in mind that Kaplan's SAT preparation courses have the option of trying a free SAT class if you want to see what it's like. As you can see from the above, Kaplan and Princeton Review's SAT and ACT prep courses are very, very similar in terms of features, content and delivery. This course includes the same materials as the self-study package, but adds 18 hours of live classroom work for the SAT (16 for ACT) and a set of printed prep books.

As with teacher-led course options, students will continue to have access to 8 practice tests (4 of which are official College Board exams), Kaplan online resources, and SAT prep books. To put things in perspective, Kaplan's SAT Prep course summarizes what its features and services can do in three ways.

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