Are college classes easier than ap classes?

All of these are much more difficult than their regular or honor equivalents. It depends on the rigor of your AP classes and your university classes. AP classes can definitely be more difficult than the introductory-level courses they represent, but once you advance further into the university's curriculum, that's no longer the case. However, doing well in high school APs usually shows that you have the ability to learn quickly and effectively and that translates well once you get to more difficult classes.

So is college harder than AP classes? Depending on the major and the university, levels 100 and 200 will usually have a similar difficulty level as AP classes and classes 200 and 400 will generally be more difficult. Students can learn content and skills, but they shouldn't be fooled into thinking they're taking college courses, writes Nicholas Tampio. Honestly, there is no easier option when it comes to comparing AP exams and college courses. It is important to recognize that both are fast; also, one should not expect a perfect score on the exam or an easy A.

If high schools want to give students a sample of the university, then they should ignore AP courses and create courses that respect the judgment of teachers and students alike. If you are applying to highly competitive private universities, I would recommend choosing AP courses instead of community college courses. A rigorous high school course load is very important for selective colleges, and AP courses can be considered stronger indicators of their academic skills than classes at community colleges.

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